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Creekmore Hardware
A family owned and operated Old-Fashioned Hardware Store proudly serving the South Norfolk area since 1949.

Creekmore Hardware is the only hardware store in the South Norfolk Historic District.
“Friend of mine since 1949!”
You can read more about Creekmore Hardware in this piece by Tony Stein that ran in the Virginian Pilot earlier this year.
Creekmore’s survives as city’s oldest retail store

In our time in Historic South Norfolk, we always stop at Creekmore Hardware first. It can seem dark inside at first; hardware stuff is everywhere. And just as your eyes begin to adjust, someone from Creekmore Hardware will quickly come along and ask to help you find whatever-it-is that you are looking for.

In the mornings, neighborhood men and a few industrious women might be found inside, bellying up to the counter with a hot cup of Joe and a hankering to discuss the news of the day.

It wouldn’t seem right to stop anywhere else but Creekmore Hardware. Creekmore Hardware knows more about the homes in Historic South Norfolk than anyone. If you have a problem with your old house, someone at Creekmore Hardware probably has a solution. If you stop by and introduce yourself when you move in, they might cut you a new house key for free!

Locals use the popular reference from one neighbor to Creekmore Hardware: “Just go to Creekmore Hardware and tell them to sell you the same thing they sold Johnny over on Seaboard!”
Creekmore Hardware isn’t just a hardware store listing in the SouthNorfolk.US Business Directory, it is a beloved institution here. Every year, Creekmore Hardware donates goods to organizations and causes to benefit the people of South Norfolk. And you will be hard-pressed to “Stump the Boys,” when it comes to finding the parts you need.

Conveniently located, just about right where it’s always been, at the corner of Bainbridge Boulevard and Jefferson Street in South Norfolk.



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(757) 545-5332
1303 Bainbridge Blvd