The South Norfolk Business Directory: a list of businesses and services in the borough of South Norfolk, in the City of Chesapeake, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the USA.









Listings have been entered “by hand” by volunteers for the community and the historic district of South Norfolk.

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Why should I use the SouthNorfolk.US Business Directory?

  • Listings are free.
  • Listings are tied to maps.
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How does a directory help South Norfolk?

Flag of the City of South Norfolk
Once an independent city, South Norfolk
became a borough of the new
City of Chesapeake in 1961.

SouthNorfolk.US Business Directory exists to enhance commerce in the Borough of South Norfolk. We have no billboards on the highways. No flashing lights or gimicky sights to draw people in.

Thousands of people, vehicles, and who-knows-how-many dollars, roll on past.

Why do people roll on past South Norfolk?

Because passers-by cannot know what South Norfolk has to offer!

SouthNorfolk.US Business Directory provides a modern version of the old community directory. Isn’t is fun to look up an old South Norfolk Directory and see all the businesses that existed at that time?

Now, people can have that old-fashioned community directory on their smart phones.

Can you hear them? “Hey! We’re in South Norfolk? I wonder what we can do-see-buy here!

As an aside, you know people don’t want to be listed in the phone book anymore?  And businesses do, but the cost is high!

Yes, times have changed. But the need for a directory in South Norfolk has not!

Won’t you please register and share your listings with us?

A final note from SouthNorfolk.US Business Directory

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Suzy Loonam