Everything you need to know about driving in the South Norfolk Historic District

driving south norfolk
Learn about driving in South Norfolk


Driving South Norfolk

Driving South Norfolk can be a learning experience for newcomers. Many historic district streets are old and need disrepair. The speed is limited to 25 miles per hour on most streets. Be careful, though. Streets are just too crowded, even for only 25 mph!

It’s customary to wave back

When driving South Norfolk, you may come across a sort of a resident vehicle ballet. This is when one neighbor pulls over for another to pass safely without fear of a collision. When convenient for, please pull over. If not convenient, the passer-by should pull over for you. Nice folks will give you a little wave for that, and, when driving South Norfolk,  it’s customary to wave back.

Parking in South Norfolk is also challenging for visitors. Please be aware of parking signs: parking on both sides of the rode is prohibited in some places.

Driving South Norfolk on the Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, (unless the Fourth is a Sunday), driving South Norfolk Historic District will be changed. Streets along the parade route are closed for the parade and a detour is setup for traffic. If you plan to drive South Norfolk on the Fourth of July, arrive early and make sure you check the Fourth of July web sites:

While you are here driving South Norfolk, we urge you to pull over in a legal spot and look up the South Norfolk Business Directory at SouthNorfolk.US. Most drivers will find adequate cell signals in and around South Norfolk.

We urge everyone to drive with caution and remind you use common sense when you are driving South Norfolk Historic District. Driving South Norfolk is something special for everyone who wants to experience driving South Norfolk for themselves. Contact us for driving South Norfolk details.